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We have tickled your interest in vehicle leasing, but you still have a few definite questions on how things work at Sixt Leasing? In this section we have put together our clearest answers to the most frequently asked questions. This should help you understand.

Who owns the leased vehicle?

Sixt Leasing is the lessor and remains the owner of the vehicle you configure. As the lessee, you are given rights of use to the leasing vehicle for a defined period.

What insurance is needed for a leasing vehicle?

There is no difference here to paying cash for a new vehicle. It is always sensible to conclude a comprehensive insurance policy. This is why Sixt Leasing – like all other leasing companies – requires insurance with comprehensive coverage. You can provide this insurance yourself. Alternatively, it can be included in your monthly payment as an inexpensive insurance flat rate, whereby Sixt Leasing manages all of the insurance.

Do I have a free choice of car manufacturers?

Sixt Leasing is a vendor-neutral leasing company. We offer the full range of car manufacturers and provide you with entirely unbiased assistance. This ensures you stay as flexible as possible when choosing your preferred vehicle.

Can I configure my leasing vehicle individually?

Leasing vehicles are always new, which means that you or your users have free choice of paint, upholstery, accessories and special features. The only thing holding you back may be your own car policy. This means you do not have to pick a standard model. You are entirely flexible, as if you were buying the vehicle yourself.

Which data must I submit to Sixt Leasing for the credit rating check?

If you are a corporate customer: to check your credit rating we need a personal information sheet, a copy of the Commercial Register entry or your business registration, company statistics from the last two years (e.g. balance sheet, a business management analysis, net income accounts) and a copy of both sides of the ID document for your company officer who will sign the contracts. Private customers must also submit a copy of both sides of the ID document for the person signing the documents and a personal information sheet. Copies of the last three payslips are also mandatory for the check. This data allows us to perform the credit check.

What delivery times can I expect?

Delivery times depend on the manufacturer and your selected model. Delivery times may also vary based on whether you select an entirely new vehicle or a warehouse model.

Will Sixt Leasing provide a vehicle until my own one is delivered?

We are happy to provide a so-called pre-leasing vehicle to both corporate and private customers to make sure you remain mobile and independent until your vehicle is delivered.

When do I pay the monthly instalments?

The monthly leasing payments are directly debited from your account at the start of each month.

Where can I have the leasing vehicles serviced?

Each car requires regular and expert maintenance – your leased vehicle is no different. You can make use of a dense network of over 2,600 manufacturer-approved garages. Besides attractive additional services, including free pick-up and retrieval service and free outside and inside cleaning, and to make sure you remain mobile, Sixt Leasing is happy to provide you – subject to availability – with a hired car at a special rate for the entire period your own vehicle remains in the garage.

What must I do if my vehicle breaks down?

Simply call our 24h assistance if your vehicle breaks down (+49 (0) 8924400443 ). Our staff is on hand to help 24/7. We are happy to organise a tow truck and provide a replacement vehicle, as required, if your own vehicle is entirely immobilised.

What happens at the end of my leasing contract?

Returning the vehicle is a somewhat touchy subject in car leasing. Cars suffer wear and tear like any other object. Lessees are only asked to pay for undue damage when they return the vehicle. As our customer, Sixt Leasing offers you a fair and entirely transparent return process. In this regard, an external inspector produces a neutral return assessment. Additionally, fleet customers can book our FAirbag Plus® product. Subject to a small monthly fee, this service covers damage identified when the vehicle is returned and ensures you are always aware of upcoming costs throughout the term of your leasing contract. Put simply: Returning the vehicle will not be an unpleasant surprise.

Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to contact us directly if you have not found an answer to your question here. Our team would be pleased to hear from you.

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