Fleet consulting

Time and again you are called on to adapt your company's fleet structure to suit the fast-changing business world and short-lived industry trends. Our specialists are more than happy to help in this regard and will work with you to find a mobility solution that meets your needs and matches your corporate philosophy.

We conduct a comprehensive appraisal and analysis of the cost structures for your existing car rental and fleet solutions, as well as the processes they entail, to identify precisely where you can cut costs and improve your workflow and will then define just the right measures for your fleet.

Our services:

  • omprehensive analysis of your current fleet solution and its associated processes (irrespective of your current contractual partner and the contractual status of your vehicles)
  • Development of individual and streamlined mobility concepts for small to medium-sized enterprises and even large corporations with a global reach
  • Submission of tailored proposals for optimised mobility management

Your benefits from fleet consulting at a glance:

  • Identification of optimised mobility concepts
  • Reduction of your mobility costs
  • Long-standing experience of Sixt Leasing in fleet management
  • Streamlining of your processes based on strategic considerations and relevant operative factors