Large corporate fleets will always need a reliable and technically experienced partner to accommodate financial requirements and procedural necessities. After all, in bigger fleets especially, a large number of apparently minor cost factors quickly mount up to large sums that constantly have to be checked.

Purchasing the vehicles themselves is not the only obstacle to overcome, either. The services involved are equally complex and time-consuming. It is wise to have a strong partner, such as Sixt Leasing, at your side.

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For whom is fleet leasing designed?

Our fleet leasing is best suited to companies whose operations mean their service employees are constantly on the move or who would like to provide their executives with the incentive of a company car, and for these reasons require a large fleet.

What are the benefits of leasing for fleet customers?

Managing a fleet of purchased vehicles comes with substantial capital investment when new vehicles are procured. It also involves a significant administrative workload for the company to handle. The repercussions here extend beyond liquidity itself. Additional resources are also needed to manage the fleet. A decision to switch from a purchased fleet to a leased fleet outsources a large number of administrative tasks, placing them in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Besides the positive effect that in standard mileage leasing agreements the lessor, and not the lessee, capitalises the vehicle, fleet leasing also ensures you benefit from the consulting services that Sixt Leasing perceives as self-evident. For instance, you can use our online solutions to easily identify potential savings and to initiate improvements to your cost situation.

So why should fleet operators lease from Sixt?

We have built significant expertise and trusted processes over the course of our 40-plus years of corporate history. We are in constant contact with the fleet managers at our large customers. This helps us constantly update our leasing programme, making it more rounded than ever before. However, we are not satisfied to rest on our laurels we continually develop new products and innovations to offer you a never-ending stream of tailored solutions.

Our vendor and bank-neutrality means we can design our products with the exclusive goal of delivering what you need. We offer attractive corporate leasing rates, so you also benefit from Sixt's strong procurement position.

We are deeply concerned to ensure that our customers remain permanently mobile. Our 24h assistance provides you and your drivers with ideal support in the event of damage. Moreover, we are an integral mobility provider and make sure that you receive a replacement vehicle as quickly as possible if damage occurs. We also provide you and your drivers with attractive pre-leasing vehicles until your own ones are delivered.

Our qualified staff members offer perfectly tailored support and service excellence. You always know who to contact. The individual support means your requirements are known and are considered appropriately.

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