You need a sophisticated product portfolio to deliver an innovative service. In leasing, this means providing a customer-oriented workflow and intelligent IT solutions alongside our combination of classic operate leasing and full-service components.

This is our benchmark and has helped us create a product that offers private customers, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises and even major corporations substantial added value.

Mobile with Sixt Leasing

Sixt Leasing is a full-service mobility provider that caters to the international needs of all customer segments.

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Do you manage a company fleet, and are you interested in vehicle leasing? Click on 'Full-service leasing' to read about our multifaceted and tailored product portfolio for company fleets of all sizes.

Our leasing services are also available to private customers and small businesses. Simply click on 'Private customers' or 'Business customers' and browse through our excellent offers.

When we speak of limitless mobility, we are referring to harmonised products and processes, coupled with individual modifications catering to the requirements of regional markets. Visit 'International leasing' to read more about our international solutions in around fifty countries.

Service quality, cut to measure

Your requirements help make us better and have contributed to the emergence of intelligent processes producing ideal results.

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The following applies to all leasing phases: Results that deliver a perfect balance of costs and quality are only possible if we cooperate harmoniously. Our decades of experience in the leasing business, combined with the pooled expertise from within the entire Sixt Group, have allowed processes to develop that significantly exceed industry standards.

Operational excellence

Sixt Leasing operates a workflow system tailored specifically to meet the needs of individual customers and thus ensures outstanding handling quality throughout all phases of the leasing process.

Almost all of the stages of work have clearly defined operating procedures and schedules that are applied automatically. This allows us to identify where and at which stage of processing each individual task is, whenever necessary. We continuously review our performance as part of our regular interdepartmental meetings, used to identify potential for improvement and initiate measures.

Customer satisfaction index (CSI)

What our customers have to say flows directly into our processes alongside our internal review of possible improvements. This philosophy prompted us to introduce a customer satisfaction index (CSI), which we use to extrapolate and implement specific measures to boost our performance. The index includes the most important interfaces between customers and Sixt Leasing and is handled conveniently by e-mail. We are never satisfied with mediocrity, which is reflected in the strict rating criteria.

Besides users themselves, we regularly contact fleet managers to ask for their thoughts on Sixt Leasing. It allows us to see just how satisfied you are with the broad range of operative and strategic topics.

Customer support

We have no time for typically impersonal call centre handling, instead you will have your own agents to deliver professional support

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We believe personal meetings and support are important and build our long-standing business relationships on these principles. This is why we have developed a support concept, in which you, as a fleet customer, will have a personal agent who is perfectly familiar with you and your requirements. Your agent will have the backing of a well-trained team. As our fleet customer, you will therefore experience a combination of well-oiled processes and outstanding standards of services in operative user support alongside active and strategic fleet consulting and optimisation to reduce the cost of running your fleet.

Our staff initiates conscientious implementation right at the start of our cooperation, ensuring they understand your structures in all their complexity and allowing them to coordinate processes as early as possible.

This type of support enables us to deliver truly personal assistance to our customers while ensuring an outstanding level of customer orientation.

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