Insurance management

Sixt Leasing always has just the right insurance solution for you and your company fleet, irrespective of size. We operate independently of suppliers with the clear aim to lower your costs.

Customers operating a fleet of up to twenty vehicles will find precisely what they need in our attractive insurance package. We also conduct individual negotiations with high-profile insurance providers to find insurance terms to suit the individual needs of your larger fleets and to guarantee you receive the best possible coverage.

kW premium model (fleet size 1-20 vehicles)

Our 'kW premium model' is an insurance package that offers you ideal coverage if you operate a fleet with up to twenty vehicles. Unlike many other providers, Sixt Leasing calculates this flat rate insurance based exclusively on the kW of your vehicles, which we charge conveniently together with the monthly leasing rate. GAP coverage, automatically included in the deal at Sixt Leasing, also provides you with the necessary protection from other liabilities in the event of write-off or theft of your leasing vehicle.

How does our kW premium model differ from other insurance packages?

  • Free GAP coverage for write-offs or theft of your leasing vehicle
  • The flat rate is only charged after you take possession of, and until you return, the vehicle. We do not charge from registration to deregistration
  • We advise you on preventative and safety measures if you are suffering from a high incidence of damage

Individual insurance solutions (fleet size of more than twenty vehicles)

Our experienced insurance managers are pleased to negotiate an individual offer to accommodate your fleet with over twenty vehicles. In this, we cooperate with all major vehicle fleet insurance providers in Germany.

The insurance rate has a fixed term of one year. Besides managing your policies, we see it as our duty to analyse reasons why damage occurs in your fleet and to seek mutual solutions to reduce the frequency of damage and its costs. To do this, our insurance managers conduct an annual review of your insurance rates to identify options for optimisation and cost cutting, and negotiate better terms on your behalf with the insurance providers.

Naturally, you are also entitled to conclude your own insurance policies. In this case, we are also happy to manage fulfilment and coordination with your insurance provider.

Select our insurance service when concluding your leasing contract and you will benefit from our damage management and extensive range of services. To keep you mobile, whatever happens.

Your benefits from the full-service 'Insurance management' module at a glance:

  • Delegation of all matters concerning insurance coverage to specialists
  • Assistance from Sixt Leasing in reducing costs for damages
  • Annual review to identify the ideal insurance rates
  • Tailored insurance solutions