Borders are losing importance due to an increasing level of internationalization of our economies. This development is also to sense in the field of vehicle leasing as the need for international mobility is growing.

Therefore we offer you to familiarize yourself with our international services that take into account country-specific requirements. Benefit of our consistent cross-border service.

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International service concept

Our international leasing concept is based on two aligned customer care levels:An international Key Account Manager bundles all strategic tasks for you. In addition, a dedicated Customer Care Manager handles all operative as well as local topics and tasks within the the respective country. Through this two interacting care levels we are able to consider local specialities within the framework of your total international fleet.

Integrated reporting

Gloabl Reporting offers you a complexity reducing platform on an international level in order to steer and monitor your fleet. Our reporting tool bundles all important performance indicators of your fleet into a detailed cost overview for all requested countries. Further, the tool visualizes the overviews and splits them down to a country level. It thus enables you to have a quick and easy overview of your total fleet worldwide. Moreover, you are able to identify and realize cost optimizations.

Systems and processes

In order to ease managing international fleets, we are happy to build up harmonized processes and systems for you. You can trust on a constant level on services and quality across country borders. Therefore we implemented an international quality- and process management. This kind of standardization enables us to offer you a worldwide high level of service quality within our Sixt Leasing countries.

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