Mileage contract

A mileage contract is concluded between the lessor and lessee before the leasing contract is signed and defines a term and annual mileage in return for providing use of the vehicle. These factors – together with the residual value – are ultimately used to calculate the leasing coefficient and the monthly leasing instalment. The lessor is responsible for remarketing the vehicle at the end of the leasing term. The lessor is thus responsible for the residual value risk.

Mileage (also kilometres)

Mileage describes the driving allowance for each year as defined in the leasing agreement. The accumulated mileage over the entire term of the leasing agreement is known as total mileage. The provisions on tax remission for leasing ('Leasingerlass') The provisions on tax remissions for leasing issued by the Federal Ministry of Finances in 1971 and 1975 define the tax basis for handling leasing agreements. These directives specify how the tax and commercial ownership of an asset will be assessed. The provisions on tax remissions for leasing in full amortisation agreements were published in 1971; the provisions on tax remissions for leasing in partial amortisation agreements followed in 1975.

Mileage shortfall

The lessor will provide the lessee with a defined amount of reimbursement up to an agreed maximum amount for any mileage shortfall in the event that the total mileage at the end of a leasing contract is lower than the contractual amount and the shortfall is outside of the agreed exemption limits.

Maintenance & wear

Regular use of a vehicle automatically leads to the wear of individual components. This is factored in when calculating the leasing rate and residual value. Lessees are asked to pay for any undue wear or damage to a vehicle when it is returned. Regular maintenance of a vehicle can limit these risks to a large extent. A full-service lease usually also includes maintenance & wear modules. In FAirbag®, Sixt Leasing has developed an additional concept that enables transparent and predictable handling of the returns process.

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