A company car instead of a raise

Boosting your appeal as an employer

Become a more attractive company in the job market and expand your existing incentive models to boost your corporate image as an employer. Reward dedicated staff members with a company car for private use. The system will help recruit other outstanding employees.

Employees are given the opportunity to drive a current model every two to three years at attractive key account terms and can reduce their tax bill at the same time.

The pleasure of driving, enhanced by transparency

Sixt Leasing is there to help you from the initial discussions, to salary conversion and sacrifice models. And we're still there when you order the chosen vehicles.

  • Protection from unexpected risks

    Sixt Leasing offers an optional low monthly flat rate to cover any unpredictable instalment payments that are due if you return the vehicle earlier than scheduled.

    Employer benefits

    Reward strong performances with premium mobility
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    There are several reasons why you, as an employer, may find it interesting to provide employees with company cars.

    First, it fosters company loyalty among your best staff members. Second, there are clear economic benefits of offering a company car in return for salary conversion.

    A company car instead of salary – How employers benefit from this model

    • Tax-deductible leasing payments as operating expenses
    • Option to optimise purchasing terms by increasing the number of vehicles you operate
    • Prevention of additional administrative workload by commissioning Sixt Leasing with the entire handling (full-service concept) and by using helpful online tools
    • Fostering motivation and company loyalty among your qualified high performers
    • Greater staff identification with your company
    • Boosting of your company image through application of a progressive approach and employee focus
    • Streamlined budgeting Find out for yourself how effective your cost benefits can be. We are happy to assist.

    Employee benefits

    Company car instead of income tax – Calculate your own savings now.
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    Employees can drive the latest models thanks to vehicles being changed every two to three-years without any personal capital investment. And the best thing is: They can even save taxes on the deal.

    The Sixt Leasing salary conversion model means that besides acquiring a company car with full-service package for private use, employees can save on their tax bills and possibly on their social security contributions. And let's not forget: a company car always comes with added status and prestige.

    It is a tangible reward for employee performance

    • Positive tax impact by reducing gross salary
    • Cost advantages through access to key account rates
    • Latest models at all times thanks to replacement cycles of two to three years
    • No capital investment needed to purchase a private vehicle
    • No residual value risk when selling the vehicle
    • No VAT to pay: vehicle costs are paid net
    • Cost predictability thanks to fixed full-service payments

    Find out for yourself how effective your cost benefits can be. We are happy to assist.

    Sixt savings calculator

    Find out how much you could save by leasing in a salary conversion model compared with private leasing.
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    The Sixt savings calculator lets employers and employees calculate how much they can save by leasing in a salary conversion model compared with a privately leased vehicle.

    Attractive for employees, interesting for employers. Both sides have clear benefits from a company car as part of the salary. Employees accept salary conversion to lower their tax liability while also enjoying the benefits of owning a company car for private use. Employers boost disposable income without causing a rise in personnel costs.

    The Sixt savings calculator takes the employees' tax data to show how much they could save through salary conversion compared with private leasing. Also, the savings calculator uses the results to show employees how much they gain compared with an equivalent raise in salary.

    Current practice and legal precedent quoted among social insurance carriers means that at the moment, the Sixt savings calculator only displays the possible tax benefits.

    Sixt savings calculator. Count on Sixt!

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