Tax and fee management

On request, Sixt Leasing is happy to coordinate everything to do with radio licenses and vehicle tax. It saves you time on formalities and correspondence.

Radio license fee

Radio and television license fees have been compulsory charges in Germany since 1st January 2013. As a company or institution, you are required to pay the license fee for your vehicles, depending on the number of registered vehicles, your company sites and the number of employees working there. However, the administrative side of things is not compulsory, we are happy to deal with everything.

WWe will register your device, make sure the license fee is paid on time and will also deregister, as required. The exemption of contribution of one vehicle per establishment does not apply due to the flat rate settlement for this full service module.

Your benefits from the full-service 'Radio license fee' module at a glance:

  • Lower administrative burden by delegating registration, deregistration and processing to Sixt Leasing
  • Convenient billing of a monthly flat rate together with the leasing payment

Vehicle tax

Sixt Leasing will handle everything to do with vehicle tax for the entire term of the contract if you select the full-service 'Vehicle tax' product.

In the final bill, the actual costs will be deducted from the monthly instalments paid in advance (actual accounts). So you will incur no additional costs.

Your benefits from the full-service 'Vehicle tax' module at a glance:

  • Outsourcing of the administrative workload to Sixt Leasing
  • Interest rate advantage thanks to pro rata, monthly payment of the vehicle tax instead of advance payment
  • Taxes are billed with the monthly leasing payment