Sixt Leasing, you take over!

How do you benefit from full-service leasing as a fleet customer with Sixt Leasing?

Unbeatable purchasing terms at Sixt

  • Special service level agreements and favourable purchasing volumes provide you with access to unparalleled terms from the Sixt Group

Substantial flexibility and individuality

  • Here at Sixt Leasing you can use the modular full-service components to put together precisely the full-service package you need
  • We operate the highest standards of flexibility at the end of the lease; it is at your discretion to return the vehicle, extend the contract, purchase the vehicle or select a new vehicle

Predictable, low costs

  • There is never any doubt as to costs over the entire contract period
  • The flat rates applicable to our full-service components substantially reduce your cost risk
  • Fixed monthly payments provide you with a firm basis for planning
  • There is no drain on your liquidity

Integral mobility as a one-stop solution

  • You receive all services and invoices for everything relating to your fleet from just one source; you will be billed just once per month, including all of the full-service components you selected
  • Sixt Leasing belongs to the Sixt Group. This makes us the only service provider in Germany able to deliver integral mobility as a one-stop solution and for periods ranging from one minute to many years

Added value -thanks to professional services

  • Within full-service leasing, qualified Sixt employees handle all of the operative details relating to your fleet and ease the burden on you and your staff
  • Technical staff in the relevant departments (e.g. master mechanics) check incoming bills on our side
  • Sixt Leasing perceives full-service leasing and consulting as a comprehensive, complete package

Benefits for your tax situation and balance sheet

  • Leasing enables you to reduce your pre-tax profit, as payments are deductible as operating expenses
  • The investment remains off your balance sheet, and is only capitalised on the Sixt Leasing balance sheet
  • Expenses incurred for purchase, amortisation and remarketing of the entire fleet remain with Sixt Leasing

Sixt Leasing professionally markets the leasing cars at the end of the contract period

  • Sixt remarkets all returned lease vehicles
  • You are not exposed to the risk of any drop in second-hand car prices, Sixt Leasing assumes any risks

Transparency thanks to FleetIntelligence©

  • We use FleetIntelligence© – our fleet analysis and reporting software – to conduct analyses for individual customers (fuel costs, servicing costs, etc.) and to help fleet managers fully understand their fleets


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